Give Graduates the Jobs?

This is a post about the Current Graduates coming out of Ireland’s Universities.

Let's Start the Search

I have recently finished up a three month Excellence in Marketing Scholarship with one of the world’s leading Pharmaceutical companies – GlaxoSmithKline. The experience I gained there is invaluable.

Over the past few months and weeks in Ireland, there has been a large amount of media coverage relating to Ireland and how little job opportunities there are in the country. How is this? I was one of fifteen students who were brought into RTE Radio 1 to discuss student emigration, why it’s happening and the so-called effects it has on people’s lives. All the production team wanted was doom and gloom from us – how is that going to help any country get through an economic depression?!

Personally I believe there are so many opportunities out there for graduates, like myself. I, along with my other Shannon College of Hotel Management students are lucky enough to have a Placement which will ultimately lead to our full time job for the foreseeable future.

However there are, of course, the other Universities of the country. Where you’re just another number, at the end of the day the staff at the University don’t care if you get a job or not – as it’s not their concern, why should they care? With that, we have hundreds, if not thousands, of third level graduates complaining they don’t have work. I speak from experience; you have to put in the work during the College years in order to come out with a good job, placement, internship etc..

At the end of the day, the majority of students in Ireland are there ‘for the craic’ throughout their College life. Sure what company is going to employ a graduate, just out the door of College with no work ethic, no responsibilities and from what I’ve noticed recently, a tacky sense of dress?! (joke!) Students then complain they can’t find work and give out about the state of the country. Well why don’t they go and do something about it instead of all this negativity and ‘blaming the system’?

We hear students complain about having to leave the country in order to find work. Correct me if I’m wrong but up to five years ago, weren’t all of our brothers, sisters and older friends going away for the year to work and ignoring the ‘great’ jobs Ireland had to offer then? Fast forward some years and we have the same situation of students emigrating yet they’re giving out about it! It’s ironic.

Then we have those students that get the job in Ireland and settle in. In a few years they are highly likely to either transfer to a foreign country with their work or want to travel themselves, so we’ll have the same emigration but having a worse effect, assuming those emigrating have been adding value to the company in Ireland hence help boosting the Economy.

It’s no wonder MNCs don’t want to invest in Ireland anymore, all they hear from Ireland is moaning and groaning of how things used to be.

A solution to the issue we have with complaining so much, and getting the rest of the future generation down, is a joint recruitment scheme with the Government and Private Companies. By this I mean the Government will pay half the salary of the Graduate with the Company paying the rest. And no doubt the Graduate will demand a high salary, given he/she has spent so much valuable time researching and studying in their area of work (aside from the 7 nights a week piss ups). But graduates will have to take what they’re given and work their way up the corporate ladder themselves- actually putting in the hard work.

Such a system can only have benefits to the Irish Economy. It’s another issue actually trying to get someone to listen …

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