Destination Dubai

The music video released yesterday (9th February 2012) for Flo Rida’s new tune, ‘Wild One’ is the perfect depiction of Dubai’s ultimate lifestyle. Featuring Sia it hits all the hot spots, repeating the best areas more than once (Burj Al Arab & Cavalli Club amongst them). It was also filmed partly in Florida hence the crocodiles and rushes in the river.

The video has seen 500,000+ views (no pun intended :D) in just 24 hours which is quite phenomenal. Best yet is that the video is dedicated to Dubai – a first for such an artist to perform a whole new hit tune in the city. If that’s not good marketing and PR in this day in age is I don’t know what is. It appeals to the international target audience of both Flo Rida and Dubai itself, young; beautiful; gangster like party people! Classic!

The views are going to continue to soar high, let’s hope it does the same for the tourist numbers coming in 2012!

If you have four minutes to spare make sure to check it out!

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