Spot the Similarity!

It has been quite a while since my last post but it’s good to come back with something interesting! While away in the Maldives I fell a bit behind the commercial charts. Heard Jessie J’s new song, featuring David Guetta; Laserlight, last weekend (surprise surprise, it sounds exactly like Titanium).

It instantly reminded me of a song released a few years ago, and a song used by O2 Ireland (last time I called it was still the hold music), called Girlfriend by Phoenix. A proper tune so it is! Anyway I find the guitar riff is just a fraction different between Laserlight and Girlfriend, and thought it was well worth a post!

Have a list to both and see what you think. You will hear the similarity from 0:05 in Laserlight and 0:50 in Girlfriend! (I can only apoloigise on behalf of Jessie J for her disgusting roaring and shouting!).

Lasernight (from 0:05)


And Girlfriend (from 0:50)


And in case you have forgotten what Titanium sounds like – just a slight variation of Laserlight!

Enjoy! (If possible)

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