More Music Matches

It has been too long since the last post – four months in the waiting – but given the new followers to the blog (welcome), it’s definitely worth a fresh post. Might be the start of many more to come in the next while.

Quite similar to my last post, about the similarity between two very different genres of music, here you’re going to hear one song from Will Young that didn’t really make it so big (neither airplay or YouTube hits) – Losing Myself against a much more alternative, successful, Daft Punk style tune – Nightcall.

The latter unfortunately does not have an intriguing video to go with it as it was released on EP  however interestingly enough ‘it is composed of four tracks that represent the sensual, epic and romantic French sound like never before’. Whilst good old Will Young has gone all out with his video, leaving  a lot of people clueless, but it is worth a watch all the same.

What’s really strange is how both songs are so different in nature yet effectively have the same tune and riff throughout in a somewhat different tempo. I wonder were there any copyright issues there! Hope you can listen to both of them and spot the similarity!

Here’s Kavinsky’s Nightcall

And Will Young’s Losing Myself (I think he has lost it)

Some light reading / listening for now at least!

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