‘Holiday’ to France, part 1


It’s been a while since I last blogged even though I have a couple of drafts stored about the move from Dubai to London – just never got round to posting! So there’s no harm in blogging what most of you will find – hopefully – interesting, as I head off for the #WineHarvest in France. Also note – please excuse the lack of quality in the above image! Better ones to come Insha’Allah.

I set off from London’s St. Pancras International this morning at the nice hour of 8:31am which I made in good time even with the delays on the Piccadilly line! The arrival and passport check was as smooth as I remember (last time I travelled Eurostar was from Brussels to Paris in 2008) and just so much easier than the thought of flying! I was fortunate enough to have the both seats to myself until 10 minutes in to the journey I was given a neighbour! She must have been from London as not one word was exchanged! We know that Londoners don’t like to talk to strangers! I was also in the same carriage as a choir group heading on a weekend concert trip to Paris! It was nice to hear some of their voices.

Arrived to Paris Gare du Nord just in time for lunch but I decided to go directly to my hotel rather than lugging my awkward suitcase around the station. Took the M5 directly to my destination to find my room was ready even though I was two hours ahead of standard check-in time so that was great. Hotel room, as with most standard hotels in Paris, is small but will do perfectly as I don’t plan to spend much time in it! As I write this, I hear screaming and shouting from a neighboring school who’s lunchtime seems to be lasting a long time, perhaps because it’s Friday.

Am going to head out and explore the Quai de Bercy area along the Seine and grab some lunch and hopefully have something more riveting to write about later!


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