London to Brighton Bike Ride

On Sunday 15 June 2014 I cycled 56 miles from London (Clapham Common) to Brighton Pier. Cycling isn’t as big a passion of mine as running, but I enjoyed the ride a lot and it was all in aid of a fantastic cause – the British Heart Foundation.

I set up an online fundraising page (first time) and found it quite difficult to reach my target, which I guess could be put down to the masses of people using such sites to raise money for various causes. If you’re feeling generous however, please feel free to visit my donation page and donate as you wish!


Confession time – this post has been sitting in my drafts for a number of months now. Now the evenings are slightly darker I find myself getting round to updating the blog, so here’s to a few more fitness related updates in the coming weeks and months, to see out 2014.

An exciting target for me now is the 2015 London Marathon, taking place on Sunday 26 April 2015 which I’m delighted I got a place in and really look forward to achieving a PB, beating my times in the Dubai and Paris Marathons.

Until next time – keep smiling 🙂

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