Lurking at Lunch

Habits are hard to change. Going to the same place day-in-day-out for lunch becomes tiresome and boring. In making the effort to change a lunchtime habit, I have made myself go explore what Mayfair has to offer.

First thing that springs to mind are the numerous amounts of fine-dining restaurants and cafés in the area. However take a closer look, mainly on the corners of a street or nestled in the middle of larger buildings on a side-street, you will find an array of sandwich shops and non-chain grab n’go shops. In these establishments, you actually get to choose what goes into your sandwich, unlike the chain options such as Crush, EAT and Pret a Manger to name a few.

It’s all too often that we forget that local businesses such as the corner sandwich shop used to be the only places to grab n’go who actually know the area they’re in, unlike the chains employing anybody and everybody, people who I feel, do not care for the area they’re in. Rant over.

One sandwich shop I can recommend in the area is the Mayfair Sandwich Shop, 7 Stafford Street. Friendly, efficient service with lots of choice. Unsurprisingly, they don’t have a web presence, but do they need it, having been based there for years? Perhaps not… though I would argue that they should adapt with the times otherwise only more will be lost.

Happy sandwich eating!


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