From having dined in all places good and bad around the world and residing in London for the past three years, I have become fixated on supporting local, independently owned businesses. I have extensive experience specialising in the hospitality industry. With my years of experience, I have become aware of flawed and inconsistent service in many unbranded or independently owned smaller forms of businesses, particularly local pubs and cafes.

Rather than having these local business lose out to the bigger high-street chains, in 2015 I decided to derive an ‘improve your service’ approach to local hospitality bases businesses. Through my knowledge, I aim to share the combined purpose of improving and uplifting the service standards and product knowledge in our local hospitality establishments across London.

My offering to local businesses includes an overview of the art of hospitality which include details on international skills and standards, as well as product knowledge. I make myself available to conduct training sessions with the team and devise measurable training outcomes.

From my level of knowledge I conduct an audit of the experience through a series of mystery shopping visits which take place within one week. The level of service and advice provided is detailed and specific to the sole establishment – rather than a ‘copy paste’ approach.

To find out more, contact me by emailing.